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Trentino Export is a Cooperative of about 130 small and medium-sized companies in the Province of Trento.

Established in 1975 with the exclusive purpose of promoting the internationalization of member companies, based on mutual and non-profit principles, for over 40 years it has been operating within the system that belongs to Confindustria Trento, of which it is the operating arm for abroad. Trentino Export proposes as a point of reference for member companies on all problems concerning internationalization, acting mainly according to the following guidelines:

intervening in a personalized way to meet the requests and needs expressed by individual companies;

proposing initiatives for the development and consolidation of the international presence of member companies;

managing in an updated and effective way a knowledge and information system aimed at internationalization.

Over the years, Trentino Export has always adapted to the socio-economic changes that have taken place in Italy and in the world, to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, now becoming a real outsourcing sales office.

To a team of professionals based in Trento, Trentino Export adds more than 30 collaborators spread all over the world.

The President of Trentino Export is Barbara Fedrizzi.

The stages of Trentino Export

From 1975 to today our history


The birth of Trentino Export

Trentino Export was born by the will of the Industrialists' Association and the Trento Chamber of Commerce, led by the President M. Franco Cecconi.

Trentino Est Foundation

Together with the Association of Industrialists and the Trentino Constructors Consortium, the Trentino Est company based in Prague was founded.



Passage of presidency

The presidency passes to Andrea Penzo.

The new network of contacts

Trentino Export creates a new network of foreign contacts to better support Trentino companies directly on site.



The first Export Day

The first Export Day is organized.

Appointment of the new President

Marco Stenico is appointed president.



The new logistics platform

Trentino Export inaugurates its logistics platform for the distribution of Made in Trentino products in Brazil.

New president of the Cooperative

Barbara Fedrizzi becomes the new President of the Cooperative.



Eighth edition of the Export Day

The VIII edition of the Export Day is organized.

Ninth edition of the Export Day

The XI edition of the Export Day is organized.


A team of professionals to support your business


Trentino Export, thanks to a team of professionals based in Trento and to a network of more than 30 foreign collaborators, is present in all the main Italian export markets and is able to assist companies throughout their internationalization process, as a real outsourced commercial office, which companies can use as their own.

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