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Being able to access specialized export-oriented services, developed thanks to years of presence alongside associated companies and through the construction of solid international relations with selected partners, is only one of the advantages that the association with Trentino Export offers.
To successfully establish itself on a foreign market, a company must know its rules and make itself known. To do this, it needs information and assistance in many areas: short-term analysis of the target market, current legislation, knowledge of consumer preferences and distribution channel structure, just to give a few examples.

Thanks to the people directly involved in the consortium and to the network of external collaborations, member companies can find all the answers to their internationalization problems.

Become a Trentino Export associate

The activities of Trentino Export in favor of its members are described on the services offered page. To join, it is necessary to view and complete the attached documents, downloadable from the download area below. For further information, you can contact Trentino Export both by telephone and by email.

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Thanks to the proven approach that after an initial phase of market surveys and organization of Business to Business meetings, it also provides for the support of companies in the post-Business to Business meetings phase, Trentino Export is proposed as a reference point for companies interested in expanding their commercial horizons on foreign markets.