Becoming an Associated Member

Why to join us?

One of the benefits that the Consortium offers is to have an access to specialized services targeted for export, developed through years of experience alongside of member companies and through building strong relationships with selected international partners.The most difficult aspect to developing an export plan is determining demand for a product or service offering in a foreign country. Every successful marketing plan begins thorough market research and data collection to predict how a specific type of product will sell in a specific geographic location. Market research is your powerful tool for exploring and taking control of your global territory.Delve into each country further by reviewing cultural attributes, geographical characteristics, political stability, demographic characteristics, market size and growth rates. What might the barriers be? What makes it a good market to enter? How will the local culture influence the sales of your product or service offering?Such in-depth market research information is necessary for sound marketing decisions and it must be done with each new market entry.Look at potential language barriers, legal restrictions, logistical challenges and payment problems that might get in the way of doing business in a particular market. Include all relevant variables in your assessment.Do an analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses in a selected market. Will your product or servicing offering be in the low, middle or high end pricing level? Is there a similar product or service offering currently available in the selected market? If so, who is making it? Where are they based? Can you compete? Why would you? How would you? The more prospects you have for entering a new market, the better your chance for success.Thanks to the experts directly involved in the Consortium and through a network of external collaborations, member companies can find all the answers to their problems of internationalization.